Thursday, November 29, 2007

'd rat

at the middle of a long wait for my interviewee this afternoon... someone "unknown" called my phone... "rb? si thomas ito..." "huh?" "kilala mo pa ba ako?"... "oo, ata..." (thinking if it was really him cuz friends from h.s most especially jason used to enjoy pranking me!... i hope he really changed though!)... "nag-iwan ka sa akin ng voice mail nung isang araw..." bingo! that's it! it's him! i asked his number from jason when he contacted him one day... "oi! kaw nga!!!"---> my first boyfriend ever!!! after about two years, i heard from him again. well, i do not know what's up with him why he removed his friendster account. that's why everything came into surprise when he finally made paramdam.

the 30-minute kamustahan (that was pretty long overseas call, huh?!) made go back to 1999! hehehe... short and densed hair, pimple-faced, thinnest body ever... among my liabilities during that time.. the second to the worse me! i do not anymore remember when i had the title of the ugly duckling but i know i wasn't that nasty because somebody fell in love with me.. hehehe...

it's been eight long years since that time. the last time i talked to him, i guess, sometime in 2004 when he was also able to talk to my then bf. after that, i didn't hear anything from him... then jason just said, he moved to l.a.

lots of things happened since 2000... (we lasted for about 11 months, i guess...) to date or as far as i know, he had four gf's after me including his present.. and me, just had two bf. my gosh! why so? believe it or not, my recovery stage from our break up was four years! he is my first love kasi e! (arteh?!?!)

neway, with our phone talk... i made updates of myself, and a little over our friends. i also observed he keeps the same laugh and old and corny hirits... hehehe... he changed his voice a little though. naman diba? lumalim naman dapat boses niya since high school. hehehe.. that i observed even before the last time i talked to him.

it was great hearing from him again. it made my day, actually! i missed him... i missed the guy who used to know me...

whoever reads this blog maybe has this question in mind, why i called this, "d' rat"???? hehehe... teasing is almost over, thomas dyga! :)

i'll see if i can post a pic of him from the baul...

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I usually ran out of words describing myself… good thing though, there’s this one tin can that could help me go through this…

Introducing, from austria… “rox energy drink”!

Rox is an intelligent functional drink, carefully formulated for times where extended energy is needed for best performance… u-huh!?!? it is perfect when you are tired and need energy… it also replenishes your energy, enhances reaction speed, increases physical endurance, stimulates metabolism…. Over all, I, I mean, it provides total refreshment!

Beat that?!?!